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  About The School  

Clark Elementary School's Mission and Vision Statement

Clark Elementary School's Mission Statement

Clark Elementary School mission is to:

Collaboratively work with all stakeholders;

Lift barriers to ensure increased student achievement in all subject areas;

Always maintain accountability measures to make certain that all students and teachers are held to high standards;

Reward all students with a world class education; and

Know and exemplify that every student will graduate College and Career Ready through increased academic achievement in their coursework and on state mandated tests.


Clark Elementary School's Vision

Clark Elementary School will make every effort to foster academic excellence through intellectual, creative, and differential instructional methods in order to motivate every child to learn and compete with confidence in this global society.


Clark Elementary School's Mottos
"Committed to Excellence for all Students"

Our Students' Creed

I am a confident Clark Elementary Tiger
Roaring for Success.
In All Things
I will do my Best.
Always striving for the top and NEVER settling for Less,
I am a proud Clark Elementary Tiger
Excelling Above the Rest.