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Clark Dancing Tigerettes

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Clark Dancing Tigerettes

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What are the Dancing Tigerettes?

The primary focus of Jewels is to support, assist, and mentor young ladies to become more confident, strong, and independent in their thinking and behavior.



The individual achievement of each young lady is our collective responsibility. We firmly believe that each student has unique talents and abilities, and we are committed to help discover and develop them. 


Our goal is to provide an environment that supports achievement. We will provide our members with the resources that they need in order to become confident, successful young ladies who are able to contribute and compete in today’s society.

The Dancing Tigerettes Motto



We set high standards and expectations and constantly pursue success.


We desire to understand, enhance our knowledge, and explore.


We nurture the whole child to promote joy and well-being among the members.


We communicate honestly and transparently.