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Clark Gentlemen of Excellence

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"Training Tomorrow's Men in a Standard of Excellence"
"Training Tomorrow's Men in a Standard of Excellence"

The Clark Gentlemen of Excellence (CGE) first began at Clark Elementary School in 2004 under the name “Men in Motion”.  Since its inception this organization maintains a high mentor relationship with productive members of our community. 

The elite organization still has its mentoring relationships as well as structured workshops, and outings. Currently, each week the members of the CGE participate in “Gentlemen Workshops”.  In these workshops, the members learn such skills as: etiquette, tie tying, appropriate behavior, conflict resolution, etc.  Most gentlemen workshops are conducted by the campus advisor and/or members of our community who have agreed to serve as mentors for CGE.   

In the spring semester of each school term the CGE are involved in tutorial sessions.  These sessions are designed to prepare the members and other students in need for the spring assessments.  Members of local schools and colleges volunteer in the afterschool tutoring sessions.

 By nature the (CGE) is a school sponsored organization.  This means, that the CGE organization has aligned its goals, procedures, and finances with the school board policy of the Clark Elementary School and the Selma City School System.