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Mission and Vision

School-Wide Core Values




Critical & Analytical Thought

Equity & Justice





The mission of the The Clark Elementary School’s Social Justice Academy is to equip and empower our youngest scholars with the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to become transformational young leaders and agents of social change within our school community; our local city of Selma, AL; throughout our Black Belt region, and beyond. Our Social Justice Academy also drives high academic achievement and affirms the cultural heritage and identity of the students we serve.


The vision of the Social Justice Academy at The Clark Elementary School is the nurturing of critical thinkers, writers, and speakers who leverage their individual gifts and talents for social good.



Critical Thinking at its BEST!

SJA Pledge:  Who Are We?

We are young and gifted leaders!

We can do anything and BE anything!

We are proud products of Selma, Alabama.

We are unafraid to stand for what is right!

We are beautiful and handsome.

We strive for the excellence and never settle for the rest!

We are Clark Elementary Tigers and destined for success!